Mark Tucker, LLC

Mark Tucker, LLC specializes in inspection management, inspection readiness, GMP training, and GMP auditing, tailored to your your challenges and your people.  We believe that developing a robust compliance system is a competitive advantage.  Our goal is to assist you in not only being ready for an individual inspection, but to help you develop your compliance system so that you are always "inspection ready."

About Me

I have a degree in Biochemistry from W. M. Rice University and 20 years experience in GMP Compliance, icluding Inspection Management and Auditing.  I worked at FDA as an Investigator, Analyst and Compliance Officer primarily in the drug area before becoming Director, Investigations Branch for Los Angeles District.

Upon leaving FDA and joining Genentech, I headed the GMP Compliance group responsible for conducting both internal and external GMP audits and the Corporate Inspection Management team responsible for inspection readiness processes, metrics, inspection preparation and inspection finding responses.  I also was a member of the Quality Leadership Team and provided annual GMP Training to the Genentech Senior Leadership teams.  

       Inspection Management   
  • Inspection Management System Development
  • Pre Approval and Inspection Preparation
  • Mock Audits
  • Inspection Responses


GMP Auditing

  • Audit Performance Metrics Development
  • GMP Training
  • GMP Compliance Audit Training
  • GMP Compliance Audits


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      phone: +1 503 780 9886


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